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about us

After 3 1/2 years of experience in the water sports market, the Lachotta family decided in 2013 to register and protect the SKINFOX brand with the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Office for Harmonization in order to be able to produce high-quality water sports items under their own label in the future to let.

The motivation for this arose from the ambition to set our own standards for high-quality and innovative items at an affordable price. The first articles were produced via manufacturer contacts in Germany . Today, the brand already has a manufacturer network in countries such as Austria, Poland, the USA, Great Britain and Asia.

In the water sports sector, the SKINFOX brand already has a number of innovations that are protected by patents. For example, the brand presented neoprene suits with a CARBON look for the first time. Furthermore, it is the first supplier of a 50 N universal life jacket (according to CE standard ISO 12402.5 ) that is equipped with a fluorescent patch on the back edge of the collar as an additional safety feature . This means that wearers of the life jacket can be easily recognized and rescued even in the twilight hours and especially in the dark. The brand also stands out for its wetsuits ( YOUNGSTER , SCOUT and LEADER ) because they have +50 UV protection , which is already important on the water in general, but especially important for children.

The brand works exclusively with manufacturers who have excellent references. In addition, the brand owners personally ensure that all items have a high quality standard , such as flat seams or glideskin material on the collar, sleeves and legs. For example, the neoprene suits " YOUNGSTER ", for small children aged 1-6 years , are seamlessly processed under the armpits to ensure the best possible wearing comfort.

The SKINFOX brand has very high quality and performance requirements for its manufacturers. This is ensured through regular contact with the manufacturers, but also through personal on-site inspections of the various production processes and factories.

In 2016 , the brand expanded its sales field to include outdoor and leisure clothing.

The articles of the brand SKINFOX are offered
a) in our own shop at Kufsteiner Strasse 58, in Bad Feilnbach,
b) via their own online shops , and
c) as well as via the accounts of the same name on the AMAZON and EBAY marketplace

The offers are translated into various languages by a service provider and are thus also offered on the large marketplaces throughout Europe ( France, England, Spain, Italy, Belgium ).

Since 2016 , the brand in Germany has also been working with 2 other retailers who also have the SKINFOX brand range in their range. (see "Our partners" at )
The dealer network is to be further expanded in the coming years.
The brand owners focus less on maximizing profits and more on conservative growth so that the high quality standards for SKINFOX goods are permanently guaranteed.

Another big advantage of the brand is that it is family-owned and the owners themselves make sure that customer satisfaction is always a high priority.

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